Sunday, 25 January 2015

TH Post Production

In post production, I have been importing the clips, cutting them down to the right sizes for inclusion, editing sound and finally editing the storyboard altogether on the timeline.

This post includes information on processes within editing programme Adobe Premiere Elements up until the lesson after our penultimate shoot.

The Adobe Premiere Elements window, showing the footage window in the top left third, the list of clips of the project on the top right third and the timeline at the bottom.

In our first few lessons after shooting footage, I imported the clips, selected the ones we wished to make use of and cut them down to size for editing on the timeline. This involved me opening up each clip and deciding whether or not we needed them, whilst I also trimmed the shots we did like down to an appropriate length. 

A screenshot of one clip example I trimmed, of Dan;s shoe. The trimming bar allowed me to create a concise clip from a long sequence.

Editing the sound mix of clips was less of a priority in these lessons, as getting all of the footage together and sequenced correctly was important in developing our understanding of where we were at in terms of progress.

In future lessons we need to fine-cut some clips to make our sequence appear seamless and professional. Once all footage has been captured (all of which will be by the end of tomorrow's filming session), we can complete editing within the time schedule we have.
Downloading and applying sfx is the only significant addition we are yet to make to the editing process.


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