Tuesday, 20 January 2015

GROUP Reflection on Shoot 1

The first shoot was on the 4th at Southborough woods
In this shoot we focused on the first few shots and those with more than one person due to the large number of helpers. Dan was acting and helped choose the best locations while Tom took care of the more technical aspects.

Our storyboard was very useful in terms of figuring out which shots needed movement or not, as well as the general direction and framing, generally we found the best area to correspond with the storyboard such as when Dan picks up the tennis ball. However we also filmed many shots that were not planned when we saw an opportunity such as the graveyard shot.

What went well
The perspective shots worked well due to the openness of the woods and these shots took a long time to set up so we are glad we got them done. Also the location turned out well when shot due to much of it looking the same maintaining continuity easier.

These were probably our best shots of the day:

The major challenge was time management, we did not get nearly as many shots done as we wanted, and our desire to save battery power meant that not all are how we want them.

Next time we will try to get the shots with sfx done for future use, as well as this we know to pay more attention to the character as audience

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