Monday, 12 January 2015


The purpose of this task for us was to record for ourselves the process we would take in filming our opening sequence. Creating this animatic provided us with a clear understanding of what needed to be shot, when and how.

Firstly, Dan drew up the storyboards (because he still does art...) from the treatment we already had. Once completed, we worked together on timings and cutting rates. This was arguably the hardest job as getting it all exactly right required a lot of planning, plus coinciding editing with the soundtrack. However we learnt that to stick to the time allocation given, most of our shots would have to be less than three seconds in length.
Then, we illustrated arrows and notes in the corner of shots to show camera shot, angle and movement. We learnt that a number of shots we are using, we are repeating. This led us to adapting shots from the treatment in ways that will still maintain continuity and versisimilitude through use of the 180 degrees rule but with more variety.
Finally, we decided on edits, cuts and titles as to how or when these would happen.

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