Wednesday, 21 January 2015

GROUP Reflection on Shoot 3

This shoot took place on the 18th of January. This was the shoot in which we had possession of the track and dolly. While this device has given some of our shots a professional-look, it cost us a great deal of time setting it up and moving it. Whether this cost was worth it, we will have to evaluate in editing.

We tackled all the tracking shots. In terms of the storyboard, these shots are dotted throughout the sequence. Unfortunately, due to the time we spent on setting the track up in places, we had to adapt one or two of these shots to become pans rather than tracks.

What went well
We got a lot of shots done in the last hour, after we had finished using the track. The framing of shots (in tracking shots too) appeared professional to us.

The track. The track was very costly in retrospective, as it encompassed a great deal of our time available to shoot. The terrain on which we were filming was a challenge to manage too, with the track failing to run smoothly throughout the shot. Another issue was continuity as part way through the shot we realized Dan was not wearing a hat like he was in the previous shoots, therefore we had to re-shoot much of what we had just done. Luckily, we had had some practice with the track by this point and knew the limitations of the specific locations making this relatively easy, if stressful to accomplish.

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