Wednesday, 28 January 2015

DH Post Production

Whilst I have a lot of influence in the overall editing, helping create the storyline and adding my own opinions on the continuity and quality of shots, my contributions to the post-production work is more concerned with sound.
The sound is treated much the same as video in premiere elements and follows the same format except the volume and sound transition has to be taken into account. Almost all of the diegetic audio comes attached to the footage but I had to cut out annoying sound and speech and replace it with other audio, this involves un-linking it from the video.

On a separate track is placed the music, which is of great importance in horror as it sets the tone. Most of this music comes from, the difficulty is in introducing the audio without being too abrupt meaning there are a lot of fades and volume changes as well as sound bridges across shots.

 One of the most interesting pieces of audio we are using are radio reports, created in the program `audacity`, these reveal more of the story and build up tension, and as well as this the crackling of the radio adds another creepy element to the sound mix.

The sound is really important to give a feel to the film and really judge the impact of shots meaning it is becoming very important now all the footage is in place.

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