Thursday, 29 January 2015

TH Post Production II

After our previous editing lessons, our final tasks were to incorporate sounds, images of the newspaper articles and put in titles made on Adobe After Effects.

Dan created the images of the articles in Photoshop, and found the sounds on Freesound. I edited all these individual components into the sequence.

This is the sound editing tool in Premiere, where I managed the volume of the sound clip as well as the length of it.

When bringing the photos in, I had to adjust the size of them on screen as well as syncing the sfx Dan had found.

This is the preview of the photos, which enabled me to understand what needed to be done.

I finally decided to take on the task of the final titles at the end of the sequence, showing the name of the film. I explored using a number of transitions and effects, but concluded on a simple yet effective fade-in.

The titles at the end of our sequence did not require any transitions.

In After Effects, we soon found that the first clip we wished to put titles on did not have enough contrast in it to allow the programme to track a specific point, where we would put the credits. We overcame this problem by increasing the contrast levels of one layer of the footage.


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