Thursday, 29 January 2015

DH Post Production II

This lesson I used Adobe After Effects, this is an effects program which we decided to use to add integrated titles to our film.
This worked by selecting a constant tracking area like a distinctive mark or spot, however due to the texture of the tree I had to use the curves tool to increase the contrast and make these single areas stand out. The tool then searches each frame for this area and creates a line of motion for entities. 

We then downloaded our chosen font `1942` adding in the text, and linked this to the motion. Subsequently moving the high contrast clip back behind the original, this gave the effect of the text being connected to the trees. 

There was however one final problem, because in some shots the camera movement was in multiple directions and I walking in front of the text, to combat this we decided to fade in the text after these obstacles were gone. Because we had some time left we used the warp stabilizer effect to reduce camera wobble in two shots we had not noticed before which worked to great effect.

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