Tuesday, 13 January 2015

DH Analysis of Title Sequence: Dexter

Note: This clip is from a different series of Dexter hence the slightly different credits and timings.

0.09-0.13: DEXTER
0.13-0.17: Michael C. Hall
0.17-0.20: Julie Benz
0.20-0.24: Jennifer Carpenter
0.24-0.28: C.S. Lee
0.28-0.30: Lauren Velez
0.30-0.34: David Zayas
0.34-0.37: And James Remar
0.38-0.41: Special Guest Star Jimmy Smits
0.42-0.45: Developed for Television by James Manos, Jr.
0.45-0.48: Based on the Novel `Darkly Dreaming Dexter` By Jeff Lindsay
0.49-0.53: Main Title Theme By Rolfe Kent
0.53-0.56: Produced By Robert Lloyd Lewis
0.57-1.00: Consulting Producer Adam E. Fierro
1.00-1.03: Co-Producer Lauren Gussis
1.03-1.06: Producer Tim Schlattmann
1.07-1.10: Co-Executive Producer Michael C. Hall
1.12-1.15: Co-Executive Producer Scott Buck
1.16-1.19: Co-Executive Producer Melissa Rosenberg
1.19-1.23: Executive Producer Charles H. Eglee
1.23-1.26: Executive Producer Clyde Phillips
1.27-1.30: Executive Producer Sarah Colleton
1.30-1.33: Executive Producer John Goldwyn

The font is blood red, with the obvious horror connotations. Firstly the title has blood animation, steadily growing darker as if flowing, it is on an off white background representing something wrong and impure (1). The credit text is all in capitals for ease of reading and any words other than a name are smaller and above the name formatted left, the extra text is never longer than the name (5).

The Text is always in a corner or in the upper or lower middle of the shot, (rule of thirds) and is always superimposed on top, the text is also usually on a plainer area of the shot (3).

Shot Content
Almost all the shots in this sequence have some kind of horror connotation such as the blood, or cutting the meat, however are simply a morning routine conveying suppressed violence (4). The first few shots are of Dexter killing a mosquito, setting up the scenario before the credits begin (2). Most credits are shown over several shots of one scene, for example the slow-motion coffee grinding has a jump cut to slightly later, conveying time without changing the slow-motion and keeping the cutting rate high (6+7).
The final few shots also have no credits to show the programme is about to start, and gives the first full view of the character (8).

This sequence shows the power of suggestion as there are no scary or violent parts, the violence and death is only hinted at. Also the format of the text is very important as it is easy to read and looks professional without being to formal. These are all aspects I would like to see in our final film.


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