Thursday, 4 December 2014

TH Concept Development: Potential Locations, Soundtracks

Potential Locations
-Ant Wood (Riverhead)
This is a very effective location for filming a horror film of any genre. It includes a whole variety of locations within one area of dense woodland, a small field and a river. The most well-known part is the very steep hill in the middle of the woods. We discussed the usefulness and also the effectiveness this could provide with our final piece. It is perfect for the 'running reveal shot'. Not only this, but it provides us with a high angle shot, a tilt down, an establishing shot and also a platform for us to utilise the professional-looking tracking shot. The river also provides a place for the closing shot of Dan's shoe, whilst the trees can be used to lay a title on. Close-ups of both the protagonist and the events happening in the background will be in shot too; it is an open area.

Knole House

-Knole Park (Sevenoaks)
Knole Park is a very well-known location in the county and it is mainly down to the size of the grounds it covers. This, from a filming location point of view means that both technically and practically, it is very useful. Not only can we shoot specific shots in different locations more than once which enables us to develop choices with shots, but also it will allow us to explore a lot of variety of shot distances and other aspects of angle and movement. Practically, the size of the area will mean that we can avoid the public entering shots too often to prevent time-wasting.

For the majority of our film, there will be a sequence of a song playing in the background reflecting the song the antagonist is listening to. The features of the song (such as the bass beat and certain parts of the instrumental sections) will be used to tie-in to events happening around Dan. We have narrowed the choice of song down to these six and will ask people which they believe would work best during audience research...

-American Idiot (Green Day).

-Do Ya (Mcfly).

-A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me' (Fall Out Boy).

-Rock And Roll All Nite (KISS).

-Teenagers (My Chemical Romance).

-Does Your Mother Know (ABBA).


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  1. Well done, well considered concept development. Can you now add visuals to this post to further communicate your ideas.