Thursday, 11 December 2014

GROUP Audience Questionnaire Findings and Results

Our questionnaire was distributed to 8 people, 3 girls and 5 boys. We did this to assess a representative sample for the sub-genre of our film - paranormal horror - and received these results:

We received a 100% 'yes' response rate in this question, and are very pleased that the audience supports our initial idea for our setting.

This one was more evenly distributed in responses, but the likelihood is that Dan's character would be established withing the two minutes we have allocated a lot better as a 'local ghost buster'.

Three options were selected in this question, so Dan and myself will have to reach a decision on which would be most suitable to our plot.

As we hoped from this question, people put forward the idea that the entity should be shown only once or twice. We like this idea as it will build suspense for the remainder of the film, were we to shoot it.

The soundtrack is one of the most vital parts of our sequence, and Dan and I were at a loss to conclude on one track, so let the audience decide out of these five.

These results actually went against what we had envisaged originally.

The title of the film will be in a font that appears abnormal, as to reflect the nature of our film.

The symbolic mark for our sequence is still disputed between, meaning this question was provided just to give us a slight inclining as to what the audience would expect.

We were pleased with the results of our questionnaire, as it appears to have answered most of the uncertainties we had at the start of planning.


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