Wednesday, 3 December 2014

DH Institutional context - `Saw` (2004)

The script for `Saw` was created in 2001 with the simple idea of two men trapped in a room with a dead body between them. They then have to figure out why there are there and how to escape. Although it received low reviews it became a cult hit, developing into a seven part franchise which has grossed nearly $1 billion in total and therefore is the most successful horror franchise of all time.

The line "How much blood would you shed to stay alive?" hovers over a young woman trapped in one of the film's most featured traps, the "reverse bear trap"


-The creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell failed to get the film produced in their native Australia so went to Los Angeles in 2003 bringing a short scene from the film which they shot with minimal funds.
-They attracted attention and producer Greg Hoffman created Twisted Pictures as a production label offering Wan and Whannell creative control of the project and a $1-2 million budget.
-Shooting took place over only 18 days meaning there were only a few takes per actor.
-Because of the lack of footage, stills from newspapers and shots made to look like security camera footage was edited in.


-The film was exhibited at Sundance film festival and was the closing film of Toronto film festival where it got positive reception.
-Lionsgate acquired the distribution rights after its appearance at Sundance.
-The film was originally going to be sent straight to video but due to its film festival reception was released in cinemas.
-The film was originally rated NC-17 in America so was re-edited to be R-rated.
-Despite rarely being rated more than 50% the film won 6 awards and had 8 nominations including Teen choice award's `Choice movie scream scene` and Golden trailer award's `Top horror`.
-Worldwide, `Saw` grossed $103.9 million.


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