Wednesday, 3 December 2014

GROUP FEAT. JEREMY Preliminary Task - 'The Meeting'

Evaluation of the Process
-We were best pleased with the amount of shots we explored whilst still maintaining a high level of continuity.
-We were also pleased with the build-up of tension created through tracking shots and sound/music.
-We stuck to the instructions of using the 180 degrees rule too, and this turned out very well in the footage.
-We recorded a number of angles of the dialogue scene in different locations which enabled us to pick and choose the ones we felt suited best.

-There was one instance where we broke continuity a little bit (during the build up) so we edited around this and now, in the final clip, it is not visible.

-We learnt about the 180 degrees rule and how vital it is in maintaining  continuity.
-We further learnt about the importance of dialogue in a scene, along with facial expressions and non-verbal language.

TH and DH

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