Thursday, 4 December 2014

GROUP Treatment

Film opens with Dan walking into some dark woods. The woods are drained of colour compared to the field. There is a sign in the undergrowth warning not to enter but Dan does not notice it. Dan sees a tennis ball and puts it in his pocket happy with his find, he puts his earphones on and listens to some upbeat music. The text appears on the trees as he walks past. Danny starts to jog to the music.

An angry face (see Bon Jovi)
As Dan jogs past an angry face on a tree, each time a `supernatural` event happens the image glitches and tears. A hand is shown on the ground and twitches to the music. Dan continues to jog along. An image of someone's legs swaying after being hung from a tree (or possibly in the background). Dan mouths the words to the music as a strange humanoid figure appears far in the distance. Another strange symbol is on a tree, Dan sees it this time but carries on, slightly more wary than before. The figure appears again but closer. The tennis ball rolls towards him, Dan takes out his headphones, the music now tinny and more creepy, he picks up the ball but there is an angry face on it. He checks for the tennis ball he found earlier, but it is gone.

Dan is scared now, realising the woods are dark and deadly quiet he drops his music and walks quickly in the other direction. More symbols appear and the figure appears even closer, Dan catches a glimpse but the figure disappears. He keeps walking stopping when he sees his music player on a log. Dan suddenly breaks into a run, going up a hill he turns and the figure is behind him at the bottom. Dan backs away as the figure gets closer, a newspaper article and radio report cut in, "Local ...(unknown status) has been reported missing, a report by police tells the news this morning etc...". Black screen appears and then a shot of Dan's shoe in a stream with credits appearing.

Dan's shoe 'scene' from "The Paranormal Thing"

TH and DH

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