Saturday, 13 December 2014

GROUP Foundation Pitch


-People explained how they liked the variation and ambition of shots we plan to use to meet criteria for technical excellence.
-Many people also agreed that our storyline/plot was original.
-Relating to our Wilderness Woods filming, people asked whether we would be replicating or interpreting some of our best shots in this film, as it is also situated in a forest.
-Once the treatment was explained in relation to the music soundtrack, people seemed to like the idea.

-Some people did question our decision on why we did not choose the favoured title our audience questionnaire concluded upon. On reflection, we will need to explain in-depth as to why we chose a different one.
-On the topic of the title, some people also theorised that the audience - or at least some of them - would maybe not understand our title, 'Psychedelic'.
-Practically, our location could be busy, as a number of our audience picked up on.
-Despite the fact our Wilderness Woods shots were praised so highly, people questioned whether we thought we would be able to match or improve upon their quality.
-In terms of the advice our audience provided, people suggested we should research into after effects before we start shooting so we know what to expect when editing.
-Also, people suggested other props we could use instead of a tennis ball. This was because some people thought that perhaps the tennis ball would be out of place in a paranormal horror opening sequence, and that we could try to introduce something with higher iconography.

DH and TH

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