Friday, 28 November 2014

GROUP Preliminary Task - Evaluation

Evaluation of filming and Editing
-Firstly, using our storyline, we decided we would shoot a meeting between two individuals under a serious tone, until a comedy element featuring at the end. This plot would have to be filmed carefully, as to maintain the two very opposite themes.

-Secondly, when deciding on a location for filming we decided quite quickly that inside would be preferable as there would be significantly less background noise present. However, finding a spot inside, where a character can enter through a door and meet another character sitting down proved harder than expected as lessons were in progress elsewhere. Finally, though, we found a set of stairs in a relatively quiet place. Moreover, we found that this location enabled us to position a character higher up than the other; this would represent a difference in power. Not only this, but at the top of the stairs a balcony provided a highly useful platform to shoot a birds-eye-view shot, which is hard to achieve indoors.

-The actual filming of the sequence experienced a few setbacks and problems, but it was mainly successful first time round. We remembered at all times we had to meet the filming requirements; maintain the 180 degrees rule and continuity filming. We established the scene using a combination of simple mid-long shot pieces and the highly effective track and dolly. This gave our short film a professional-look right from the beginning. Then, we focused on leaving the dialogue, both verbal and non-verbal language, at the forefront of the footage. With this in mind, almost all shots included one of the two characters. The sound of voices was successful in being predominantly present, but some background noise still appeared to creep through. We believe that we explored a range of different camera angles, shots and movements. The mise-en-scene of the characters and the setting represents a formal meeting in the corner of a building somewhere quiet.

-When editing, it was simply combining the shots together well and presenting the footage to be professional. I am personally proud with the sequence of shots we have and also the titles. When editing, the sound was generally good enough, with a small bit of sound mix editing it was complete.

-We are pleased with the outcome of our preliminary film and hope that it represents the plot we initially envisaged.


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