Tuesday, 25 November 2014

GROUP Wilderness Woods Short - 'The Paranormal "Thing"'

-In the editing process of this short epic, we used the timeline view predominantly in Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 as we found it gave a far more comprehensive overview of all the footage together, along with the sound.

-Utilising the tools available to us, we could cut and paste clips along with sounds very quickly. When splitting sound from video (non-diegetic sounds), there were a few issues with the continuity. Thankfully we overcame this in rendering and using the fading option.

-We found that using the timeline enabled us to edit the volume of the sound.

-One final problem we found when exporting the film is that, when we watched it on youtube, the quality was not what we had envisaged. We filmed on 1080p cameras but the highest resolution we could reach was 480p. We then reviewed what could have gone wrong and discovered that the file type we had saved the film as in the D Drive was on a lower format. Altering this to an MPEG file soon resolved the problem, and now the video (above) is in the highest possible resolution. This has taught us to always check the file type the production is saved as; a factor that could be very easily overlooked.

TH and DH

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